Barefoot Rehab Boarding

Redemption Farm offers all inclusive full care barefoot hoof rehabilitation boarding. Mild cases may get shoes pulled (if not already barefoot), get acclimated, and move onto the track right away. More severe hoof problems may require specialized care until they are stabilized.  

We have a limited number of private paddocks as needed for critical cases.  We plan to build additional paddocks with special footing for sore footed horses, one all pea gravel, and one sand.  Some may prefer boots and pads and larger turnout areas for more movement.  Each case is treated individually.

Services include hoof trimming, booting, casting, or composite shoes as appropriate for each case.  Outside trimmers are also welcome at the owner's expense.  Rehab boarding includes everything listed on the Natural Boarding page, plus all hoof care, including thrush or white line treatment and therapeutic boot changes.  Boots, casts, Hoof Armor, composite shoes, and gluing materials are charged on a case by case basis, as needed.  

We have a talented equine massage therapist that is available for bodywork and stretching to help get horses moving correctly, which facilitates faster hoof healing.  Other practitioners are welcome too.

Healing the hooves is really more about healing the whole horse.  Once the whole horse is healthy, good strong hooves soon follow.   It is all about Diet, Movement, and Trim.  

We prefer working with veterinarians on more serious rehab cases.  Hoof radiographs are required upon admission and a treatment plan will be designed.

Please note that we do not utilize traditional metal shoes for our rehab cases here.  Our focus is on healing the hoof naturally with a realigning trim, diet, and movement as appropriate for each case.

Contact us for more information or to reserve a spot.