Redemption Farm Hoof Rehab & Natural Retirement Boarding
Shelbyville, KY


Redemption Farm is a horse boarding facility specializing in developing a healthy barefoot hoof, with a focus on diet, trim, movement and lifestyle to heal the whole horse and restore strong functional hooves.  Natural boarding on the track paddock for metabolic or healthy barefoot horses is also available.   Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), Insulin resistance (IR), Insulin Dysregulation (ID), PPID (Cushings), laminitis, founder, and navicular cases are all welcome.


Natural Boarding

Visit our Natural Boarding and Track Paddock pages to learn more about natural boarding on our track paddock (aka Paddock Paradise).

Our track paddock is perfect for retirement boarding for special needs horses with metabolic problems.


Barefoot Hoof Rehabilitation

More specialized intensive barefoot hoof rehab boarding is also available for critical cases.  Visit our Rehab Boarding page to learn more.